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Youth Catchers Gear

Youth catchers gear is a must have for any young baseball player to start off on the right foot. These pieces of equipment are designed to protect a catcher from the many fouls that they face in a game.

A quality catcher’s set will include a helmet, chest protector, and leg guards that meet NOCSAE standards. The helmet will usually have an adjustable chin pad and 3-way backplate for a snug fit, while the chest protector should be no more than 13.5 inches and feature NOCSAE-approved padding.

Some catcher’s gear sets will even come with a catcher’s bag, which is an accessory that you can use to store your equipment and other supplies. Some combos will also include other accessories such as a throat protector, knee savers, and thumb guards for extra protection against hard throws.

When buying catcher’s gear for a child, it is typically recommended to purchase all of the items in a set as they will be less expensive than purchasing each piece individually. However, if you know your child will be outgrowing the set quickly or are just looking for a more economical option, it is sometimes possible to buy the pieces separately.

Its chest protector features a Drylite inner liner, three layer EVA foam, and low rebound technology (keeps blocked balls close) to minimize aftershocks from foul tips and bounced pitches that could harm a catcher’s heart. It’s the type of youth catcher’s gear that you can expect your son to play with for several years.

Velo 2.0
The Rawlings Velo 2.0 is a great catcher’s gear set for youth players, with a hockey-style mask and NOCSAE approved chest protector. The catcher’s helmet is sized for youth, and the leg guards feature more knee padding than most Fastpitch Softball leg guards.

These shin guards are made of high-quality materials and have a double-knee design to give the young catcher more flexibility while still having a snug fit. They also have a venting system to keep the player cool in the summer.

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